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Arthur and Maureen's Story

Arthur was diagnosed with primary aldosteronism, also known as Conn’s syndrome, 15 years ago and has received renal dialysis at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) for the past eight months with his wife, Maureen, always by his side.

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Arthur began his treatment at the old RAH and says he’s now enjoying the facilities and natural light at the new hospital.

“I love it, it’s easier for us. It’s easier parking for me, I just park out the front of the Dialysis and Day Treatment Unit and walk straight in,” he says.

“I found the old hospital gloomy and I think its time was up. The care was there, but it was old and tired”.

Maureen has been by Arthur’s side supporting him through the journey and has only missed one appointment during the eight months. “I was worried sick that day,” she says.

Having spent a lot of time within the unit, Arthur and Maureen have developed a bond with the nursing staff and are grateful for their care and kindness.

“It’s like a big family in here, you get to know the nurses and they get to know us. I’m thankful every day for dialysis”.

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