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Brian's story

After attempting to fix his brushed fence and suddenly feeling unwell, Brian’s two sons proceeded to begin CPR under guidance from the South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) for almost an hour.

Paramedics were successful in retrieving Brian and transporting him to a local hospital from his country home, where he was shortly flown over to the RAH via MedSTAR for urgent attention.

It took several days before Brian was able to recall anything from his cardiac arrest, however, he commended the caring nature, attentiveness and genuine interest shown by the RAH staff.

A doctor himself, Brian has always worked by the principle that “the greatest gift we have is to help out the fellow man”, and went on to say the staff at the RAH are doing that brilliantly.

“I am quite happy to sing the praises about the staff here. Instead of hearing the bad, we should focus on the positive
news for a change. My experience with the staff has been wonderful and they deserved to be acknowledged”. 

He said. Although a shock, heart attacks are not something new to Brian, as he suffered one eight years ago whilst working out on Norfolk Island, however the incident inspired him to welcome a more relaxed approach to life going forward.

“At this stage, it looks like I will be getting home, but I definitely won’t be fixing any more brushed fences, I’ll be getting someone else to do that” Brian said.

Brian recovering in one of the RAH’s single inpatient rooms.Brian recovering in one of the RAH’s single inpatient rooms.
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