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Centre for Creative Health Opening

The Minister for Health officially opened the Centre for Creative Health (CCH) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) which through arts, design and music, attends to the emotional needs of the hospital community and provides better mental health and well-being for patients and their families, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Centre For Creative Health Opening

The Hon Peter Malinauskas, Minister for Health, Jenny Ricther, CALHN CEO, Michelle Cripps, Centre for Creative Health Director and Dr Joe Verco open the Centre for Creative Health with South Australian artists Quoc Nguyen and Miranda Lloyd.

While the primary function is to deliver medical care, the RAH has been designed with light-filled spaces, courtyards, lounge areas and a range of other adaptable spaces that attend to the emotional needs of the whole hospital community. The CHH aims to enhance the existing elements at the RAH and within Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). 

Current initiatives include: 

  • Creating a healing environment through rotating exhibitions of artwork, performance and other activities to improve healthcare culture.
  • Establishing art/music/dance/writing residencies.
  • Being a conduit for healthcare professionals and patients and their families to better contribute to the design of information, technology, services and medical devices.
  • Assisting clinicians to engage with artists and designers to broaden the provision of healthcare using a range of art forms and through research – to better understand, educate and inform.
  • Establishing partnerships between the healthcare, creative and academic sectors.

The CCH is a proud affiliate of The Hospital Research Foundation, helping to improve patient care in our hospitals.

In addition, the Centre will work across the biomedical precinct (Adelaide BioMed City) to create cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaborations, positioning South Australia as a research leader in this important field.

For further information, please phone (08) 7074 1434 or visit

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