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Facility Transition Period Update - Training and Equipment Stocking

With the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) recently reaching Technical Completion and moving into the Facility Transition Period (FTP) the site has become a hive of activity with medical and technical equipment arriving onsite daily, and testing and training activities well underway.

During the first two weeks of the FTP, over 40 Training Leads from 12 medical directorates undertook specialised training programs to equip them with skills and confidence to deliver directorate-specific training and education to trainers from within their own portfolios.

The Training Leads have been appointed from across the organisation and are playing a central role in the transition to the new RAH.

Also during this time, around 1500 staff were taken onsite for building orientation and specific work area familiarisation. Additional staff will be booked into orientation training over the next four weeks, and this will be followed by further training in new equipment and systems as they are installed and commissioned.

The training programs are designed to ensure our clinical services and support staff are ready to receive patients and safely deliver services from day one of operations. The first two weeks of the FTP have also seen the new hospital being supplied and filled with a vast array of modern equipment and technology, with over 1070 pallets of equipment being transported onsite.

Installation and commissioning of this equipment has included:

  • The deployment of more than 1100 computers and 300 printers
  • Over half of the 700 bedside devices being connected
  • Our pharmacy robots coming into action, with testing occurring to ensure they can integrate with the existing pharmacy systems
  • The installation of biomedical equipment, including heart and blood pressure monitoring devices.

On 19 April, staff at the new RAH will start to take part in State Operational Commissioning (SOC) scenario testing where more than 20 ‘real time’ clinical scenarios will be simulated to test the hospital’s key functions and services.

These exercises will involve more than 500 clinical staff from across Central Adelaide Local Health Network and other government frontline emergency services including fire, police and ambulance.

The training testing exercises being held during the FTP will give clinical and support staff valuable insights and experience, and will prepare them to handle a wide range of medical scenarios and health issues in the new facility when it opens.


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