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Frank's Royal Treatment

Frank recently spent three weeks at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) after suffering a heart attack, resulting in open heart surgery. He has now returned to the RAH, a short time after being discharged, to thank the nursing staff for their care. 


Frank developed a bond with the nursing staff and recently returned to thank them for their care and kindness

With an interest in IT and engineering, Frank was impressed with the technology at the RAH however explains he was blown away with the simpler things such as natural light, fresh air and individual rooms.

“Having your own room meant you could be as independent as you wanted. That really made a big difference,” he says.

“It was amazing that I could open the window in my room. I had an interesting view and even listened to a concert at Adelaide Oval”.

Frank was feeling down after surgery so his nurses took him outside to enjoy one of the internal courtyards.

“I’m rapt they did that. I suddenly felt like I was connected to the real world again. The staff certainly helped make you feel as comfortable as possible.

“I was a bit of an opponent of the hospital because I never imagined myself needing to use it. I certainly appreciate it now. I just can’t believe how lucky I am”.

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