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Renal Transplant Recipient

Charlotte Taylor was diagnosed with Genetic Kidney Disease at just 18 years old. Four years later, she is one of the first South Australians to undergo a renal transplant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). 

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Ten days after the hospital opening, 22 year old Charlotte Taylor underwent a renal transplant at the RAH.

After waiting on the donor list for nine months, Charlotte received a call from the RAH informing her a suitable kidney was available and her transplant would occur the following day.

“I will say, I was a bit apprehensive going into the new hospital,” she says. “It had only been a week and a half since the opening and it was still new to everyone. However, I was pleasantly surprised, everything was really nice”.

Charlotte was in surgery for approximately five hours and moved to her individual room in the Renal Inpatient Unit on level seven after spending some time in a post recovery bay. 

“As horrible as the whole experience was, I can’t speak highly enough of how great the new hospital and nursing staff were,” she says. “They went above and beyond for me”.

Following the transplant, Charlotte regularly attends the RAH to visit her renal specialists and explains her recovery is going well.

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