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Sporting spirit succeeds

In July, Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer which required her to undergo radiotherapy at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). Throughout her treatment, she maintained a positive, proactive attitude, shaping her hospital experience. 

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Jenny underwent radiotherapy at the RAH due to its leading equipment, such as the Deep Inspirational Breath Hold machine.

Jenny began radiotherapy treatment in October and attended the RAH Monday to Friday for three weeks, each session lasting approximately 20-25 minutes.

Although she had the option to attend a private clinic, Jenny chose to have treatment at the RAH after learning about the hospital’s world-class technology. In particular, the Deep Inspirational Breath Hold (DIBH) machines which automatically learn patients’ breathing habits, keeping radiation further from their hearts.

“The technicians were great. Being calm and understanding the procedures made it easier to get the breathing patterns quickly”.
Jenny also notes that her time spent at hospital was eased by the accommodating RAH staff, including the front office admin, nurses and radiographers.

“Every day the staff are smiling, professional and welcoming... (they) made me feel comfortable. The daily treatment was made pleasant by caring, competent staff. The three weeks just flew past”.

Having an extensive sporting background, which saw her be inducted into the KPMG South Australian Sport Hall of Fame, Jenny is no stranger to resilience and often relates her cancer experience to sport.

“This cancer is like a bad coach, you either have to get rid of it, or find a way to thrive, despite the challenge”.

Jenny, who now refers to herself as ‘Zen Jen’ continues to maintain her positive outlook on life and any situations she comes across.

“Enjoy every day, make the most out of life… never stop learning and trying to find ways to improve”.

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